Who are we and what do we do?

You may know us as The Electric Vehicles Research Centre

For short eMotion (electric Motion)

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Where and how?

The Electric Vehicles Research Centre (eMotion) is an essential component of a joint initiatives at the level of Valahia University of Targoviste and Targoviste Municipality City Hall regarding the strategic area of sustainable development with real relevance and topicality subdomains, such as those of electric vehicles and distributed energy production. In this context, eMotion Centre was established, in partnership and with the financial support on the part of Targoviste Municipality.

In the field of electrical systems engineering that of electric vehicles is the major concern, with increasingly diversified initiatives and applications worldwide. 

Valahia University of Targoviste makes a combined effort in this area of strategic interest, by setting up in parallel to the Electric Vehicles Research Centre (eMotion) a new master program with the primary objective in the vehicle integrated electrical systems engineering.

The master program is called Integrated Electrical Systems Engineering in Vehicles and is presented in the Study section.

What is eMotion and what is willing to be

    A partner in research for other centres with similar profile or directions;

    The main support in the University for undergraduate programmes with concerns in the field;

    A Centre for research, testing and prototyping of electric vehicles or parts thereof;

    An important player in the local and national level with regard to sustainable development;

    A Research Centre opened to anyone who can bring contribution in this field.

What is NOT eMotion and is NOT willing to be

    A competitor of other related centres or with similar directions;

    A manufacturer of electric vehicles or parts thereof;

    A competitor of the industrial operators, manufacturers of electric vehicles;

    An isolated research facility.


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Where to find us?


 Aleea Sinaia Street, no. 13, 130004
Targoviste, Dambovita, Romania


+40 245 206 109, int. 2211 
+40 245 217 692