What is the Mission of the Centre and what do we want to do?

Our mission reflects some of the strategic directions on Romanian and University levels

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The aim of the Centre is to promote and enhance the scientific research in the field of electric vehicles.

The Mission of the Centre is to contribute to the development of research and innovation in the field of electric vehicles and the surveying and investigating energy, electrical, thermal, hydraulic, expert/AI, electronics, and communications systems of electric vehicles, through programs of research, consulting and expertise, combining in a complex formation engineers’ development concerns.

The main objective of the Centre is to study, design and assembly of prototype electric vehicles as well as the conversion of vehicles propelled by classic engines (internal combustion) and their modification to propulsion by electric motors.

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Where to find us?


 Aleea Sinaia Street, no. 13, 130004
Targoviste, Dambovita, Romania


+40 245 206 109, int. 2211 
+40 245 217 692